Understand clients and reveal links to elicit individuals or entities


Provide comprehensive traceability of digital wallets and transactions

Authentic Data

Leverage authentic risk data from the broker-dealer trading community


Demonstrate a robust compliance and reporting regime to regulators

Built for the Broker-Dealer Network

Financial institutions need to know they will meet evolving regulatory compliance requirements when accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies. ChainWatch is an AML (anti-money laundering) tool built for broker-dealers. It powerfully leverages vast global information on the Blockchain, combined with client risk information within the broker-dealer trading community. Traders, administrators and compliance professionals can conveniently access right from the Blockstation trading platform.

Identify and rapidly react to suspicious behaviors or bad actors

Access unique broker-dealer network generated risk information

Find suspicious transactions or wallets through risk assessments identifying specific levels of risk

Visually and graphically identify and trace the flow of wallets and transactions

Demonstrate a robust compliance regime for digital currencies to regulators

Meet AML counterparty due diligence, Monitor and flag illicit transactions or persons

Provide a clearly identifiable, end-to-end audit trail of transactions

Seamlessly trace transactions and isolate specific nodes

Manipulate nodes backwards thousands of levels to access and flag issues

Save data, build and manage cases and reporting to government bodies

Built for AML Compliance

ChainWatch is used for onboarding new clients and ongoing monitoring to meet local regulatory and compliance requirements. It offers risk scoring, analysis, monitoring and reporting functions to comply with money laundering and terrorist financing laws.

AML and Compliance Professionals
Risk Management and Finance Professionals

Easily Investigate


right from your Blockstation trading platform portal or API

easy-to-use interface

Investigate wallet addresses with easy-to-use interface and powerful data filters

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Assess & Minimize Risk

Graphical Reporting

Includes number of transactions, nodes, knowns and unknowns, institution identification and flagged connections

Risk scoring

Metrics to assess suspicious wallets or transactions

Rich graphical visualizations

Easily understand node connections and transaction flows

Transaction tracing

Tracing back through thousands of connections

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Comprehensive Reporting

Flagged reports

Detail reports right from your Blockstation trading platform or API

Government Reporting

Easy to compile wallet/funding information for SAR or STR reports

Credible data sources

That can be reported to and used by regulators

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Broker-Dealer Network Advantage

Real Trading community data

Real client wallet and transaction information from broker-dealer network constantly being updated

Submit flag data

Add suspicious transaction and wallet data to the database to benefit your broker-dealer peers

Reduced false positives

Real client information from broker-dealer networks helps improve accuracy

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